On Thretha Yuga - Ramayana decade, A demon named Ravana kidnapped Sita (wife of Lord Sri Ram) and taken her away to Sri Lanka. Lord Sri Ram and his brother Sri Lakshman joined with Maharaj Sugriv (King of Monkeys). They attacked Sri Lanka to take Sits Devi back to Aayothi. The war between Lord Sri Ram and Ravana (King of demons) had started. One of the toughest fights of the war, Sri Lakshman got injured heavily. Also, many monkey soldiers were also injured. To save Sri Lakshman and other monkey soldiers, Sri Hanuman was asked to bring important herbs from Sanjeevi Parvatha (One of the mountain in Himalayas which contains all the rare, important and life saving herbs). Sri Hanuman reached Sanjeevi Parvatha very fast but, couldn’t able to identify the herbs he needed. Hence, he pulled out the whole mountain from Himalayas and carried to Sri Lanka. With his great and timely help, Sri Lakshman and all the monkey soldiers are cured and gained more strength. Sri Hanuman went back to Himalayas with Sanjeevi Parvatha and replaced it in its original position. Then, he took bath in Gantaki river (refer website for more details about Gantaki). 

At that time, Sri Hanuman found a precious Saligramam, which contains two Shrains of Lord Sri MahaVishnu together. Sri Hanuman was overjoyed with that and decided to take this to home for worship. Then, Sri Hanuman started his return journey to Sri Lanka. On the way, the evening started. Sri Hanuman landed near to a pond to perform Santhyavanthana (Evening prayer). As the Saligram is precious one and it is strictly prohibited to keep it in the land, Sri Hanuman searched for a person to hand it over till the completion of his Santhyavanthana. He found Goddess Mahalakshmi, who is in deep meditation for a while. Sri Hanuman requested her to keep his precious Saligram for short period so that he will complete Santhyavanthana.

Goddess Mahalakshmi told “I couldn’t wait for long time. If you fail to return back, I will place this Saligram in land and continue my Dhappam”. Sri Hanuman agreed for the condition and went for Santhyavanthana. After Santhayavanthanam, Sri Hanuman started Rama japam, in which he lost his conscious and fell in deep meditation. After a long time, Sri Hanuman returned back to his conscious and realized that it was too late for him. To add his shock, he saw a big hill near to that pond. He felt mixed feeling of confusion, wonder and guilty for his delay. Sri Hanuman came back and requested Goddess Mahalakshmi to give him back the Saligramam. Goddess replied that she has placed that Saligram on land, since he didn’t respond for three calls. Due to the Specialty of the Saligram, it has grown up as hill. Then, Sri Hanuman has conveyed his sorry to Goddess for the delay and decided to take this Salaigrama Parvatham (name of the hill) with him.                                more >>>

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