As Sri Hanuman lifted many hills for Sethu Bridge construction and he has carried Sanjeevi Parvatha the previous day, he was bit over confident about his strength. He thought that it is not difficult to lift this small hill with him. But, to wonder, he couldn’t even shake the hills a bit. Even after tried to lift the hills with all his strength, pulled that Saligrama Parvatham (hill) with his massive tail, he failed in his attempt. Sri Hanuman felt shame and at the same time wondered about the mystery. From the sky, a divine voice (Aasurrari) announced as follows:    “Oh, Bhalvan Hanuman, You are fortunate to get the Saligram of Lord Sri Narashimha and Lord Sri Ranganatha in one shrine. Lord Sri Narashimha likes to stay here only. Hear after, this place will be called Namagiri Shetram. To give personal Dharsan of Sri Narashimha Deva (in the same form as he appeared in demon Hiranyakasipu’s palace), to Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi, Lord Sri Narashimha Deva cheerfully played this game. Hence, don’t feel disappointed. This Lakshminarashimha Dharsanam happed to Goddess Mahalakshmi in Saligrama Giri because of Nama Jappam. Hence, Goddess Mahalakshmi will be called as Goddess Namagiri Lakshmi in this Namagiri shethram”.

To appreciate your Bhakthi and service to Lord Sri Rama, God Narashimha Deva has given you a boon. Once Lord Sri Rama went back to Vaikunda, you could come here and do service to Lord Sri Narashimha Deva forever. You will be given the primary responsibility at Lord’s service. You should save and help the devotees as per the wish of Lord Sri Narashimha Deva”. By hearing this, Sri Hanuman filled with joy, cheered up with extreme happiness. Then, Sri Hanuman prayed Lord Sri Narashimha Deva and Goddess Sri Namagiri Lakshmi. After his prayers he returned back to Sri Lanka. He played a vital role in Ram – Ravan war. With the blessings of Lord Sri Narashimha Deva, Sri Hanuman won the fiend demon Mahi Ravan. All Mahi Ravan’s black magic failed with Sri Hanuman and at the last, he was killed by Sri Hanuman and the demon Ravan was killed by Lord Sri Rama.

Then, Lord Sri Rama handed over the kingdom of Sri Lanka to Vibhishan (younger brother of demon Ravan) and went back to Ayodya with his wife Sita. Sri Hanuman also stayed in Ayodya and fully involved in the service of Lord Sri Rama. Lord Sri Rama ruled the country for 110 years. After that, Lord Sri Rama left his materialistic body and went back to Sri Vaikunda, the spiritual and eternal world, where there is neither old age nor death. According to the Aasurari, Sri Hanuman came back to Namagiri Shetram (Namakkal) to involve himself with Lord Narashimha service. As the Merciful Lord Sri Narashimha Deva stays in the middle of the Saligrama Parvatham (hill), Sri Hanuman couldn’t get Dharsan by standing from the ground level. In order to have Dharsan of Lord Lakshmi Narashimha, Sri Hanuman has grown up slowly till he could able to see the lotus feet of God.

Sri Hanuman’s eyes and Lord Sri Narashimha Deva’s foot are in a straight line and same height. You can verify the same when you come to Namakkal temple.

Goddess Mahalakshmi, who did high austerities and mediation to Lord Sri Hari, got the Dharsan of Lord Sri Narashimha Deva and following boons:

• All primary respects to Goddess Namagiri Lakshmi and devotees will have Dharsan of Goddess first for ever in this temple.
• Goddess will be called as Namagiri Lakshmi and this place will be called by her name , Namagiri shethram
• Goddess will have the ownership of all boons for the devotees.

According to the above boons, even now Goddess Namagiri Lakshmi is given primary respect in all temple festivals and the devotees will do their prayer in Goddess temple before step in into God Lakshminarashimha temple.

Have Dharsan Namakkal to feel spiritual effect of Goddess Namagiri’s Dhapam.                                             <<< back

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